Terms of Use

Last update: 07.06.2024


The following Usage Agreement (Terms) regulates and oversees the entrance to and utilization of the JVault Launchpad component (Launchpad) that is offered within the JVault ecosystem, situated on the TON blockchain. By engaging with the Launchpad, you are in agreement with these terms.

To further elaborate, the Usage Agreement is a set of rules and guidelines that Users must abide by when using the JVault Launchpad. The Launchpad is a tool or platform that is part of the JVault ecosystem, which is built on the TON blockchain. The TON blockchain is a decentralized system that is used to record transactions and data. By using the Launchpad, Users are able to access and utilize the services and features that it offers, but they must also adhere to the terms and conditions outlined in the Terms .


  • "Project" refers to an initiative using the Launchpad for creating a presale or distribution of Tokens

  • "User" means any individual using the Launchpad for creating or participating in Projects

  • "Token" refers to the token standard on the TON blockchain designed for the creation and distribution of digital assets

Terms of Use

Presale creators:

Projects that aim to initiate a presale on the Launchpad must adhere to certain specifications, such as but not restricted to:

  1. Each User who intends to launch a Project in Launchpad accepts the terms of use of Launchpad and confirms that they have read the rules of creating a Project

  2. A comprehensive and explicit Project explanation, outlining the objective, aims, and applications of the Tokens being provided

  3. Evidence of at least one functioning service, into which the token to be launched will be integrated in the future

  4. Compliance with TON blockchain standards, ensuring compatibility and security for participants

  5. A transparent and equitable token distribution strategy, specifying allocation, pricing, and mechanisms to prevent unfair advantage or manipulation

  6. Project creators are responsible for developing and launching their Project, including creating the Tokens, setting the terms of the presale, and engaging with the community

Participation in Projects:

  1. JVault is not responsible for the failure or success of any Project hosted on the platform

  2. Users can engage in Projects either as creators or investors, adhering to the terms established by the Project organizers

Intellectual property:

  1. All ownership rights related to the Launchpad and JVault belong to their owners. Users are provided with a non-exclusive right to use the Launchpad in conformity with these Terms

  2. Users must adhere to the rules and conditions outlined in these Terms, and must not use the Launchpad for any purpose that is not authorized by the owners

Risks and liability:

  1. JVault is not responsible for possible losses due to changes in the exchange rate of tokens hosted on the platform

  2. Users are fully responsible for acknowledging with local laws

  3. Participation in Projects through the Launchpad involves risks, including the potential for financial loss. Users should independently evaluate the risks involved.

Changes to Terms:

  1. JVault has the right to modify these Terms at any time

  2. The continued use of the Launchpad after any changes constitutes acceptance of the updated Terms

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