Different types of presales


An ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a standard type of initial sale, which involves a fixed price and automatic addition of liquidity on the DEX after the end of the sale. When creating an ICO, options such as vesting, tiered whitelists, referral system and soft cap - a minimum amount of investment raised, if not reached, all funds will be returned to users after the end of the sale.

Private sale

Private Sale - a stage of token sales in which tokens are offered to a limited number of investors. The mechanics of this type of tokensale are similar to those of an ICO, but automatic addition of liquidity is not mandatory in this case.

Dutch auction (coming soon)

Dutch auction is a type of auction in which the initial price of a lot is set at a high level and gradually decreases until one of the participants agrees to buy the lot at the current price. For this type of tokensale, instead of a fixed price, the maximum and minimum prices of the asset are set up, all other parameters repeat the ICO.

Fairlaunch (coming soon)

Fairlaunch is a type of token launch in which there are no pre-sales or private placements of the asset. All participants get equal opportunities to buy tokens at the same time. What distinguishes this type of sale from an ICO is that the price of the asset is not known in advance, but is calculated as the ratio of the total amount of funds raised to the number of tokens allocated for sale. The price range in this case is set by the parameters Soft and Hard cap (minimum and maximum volumes of raised investments).

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