The creator of each tokensale, in addition to the basic terms of purchase, can set up to four levels of whitelists with different prices and purchase size limits. Soulbound tokens are used as confirmation of the right to purchase at a particular whitelist level.

To add whitelists to your tokensale, click on the "Add condition" button in the "Purchase conditions" section. Specify the NFT collection addresses whose Soulbound tokens will be used as whitelists, and enter the purchase conditions for each WL level. If you want to make it unavailable to purchase without whitelists, just leave zeros in the first line as shown in the screenshot below.

If a user has several WL SBTs, including those from the same collection, the customer can make a purchase for each of them, the purchase limits are summed up in such a case.

It is important for JVault that smart contracts of NFT collections for whitelists do not have vulnerabilities that could cause loss of funds of our users, so before launching sales there is an automatic verification that the whitelist code corresponds to any of the standard ones.

In case you want to use NFT-collection with custom code, you can request its verification by contacting support.

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