Referral system

A referral system is available for each tokensale, which allows you to reward users who talk about the project with cashbacks and discounts.

To activate the referral system, fill in the Referral system section.

The following parameters are marked with numbers on the screenshot:

  1. Minimum required amount of one-time purchase to activate your own referral code.

  2. Cashback amount for standard referral codes of users not listed below.

  3. Addresses of users who have non-standard conditions for referral codes. It is important that even if the user's address is on this list, he will need to make a purchase to activate his code.

  4. The amount of discount that all users who make a purchase using this code will receive. For standard referral codes, the size of the discount is 0%.

  5. The amount of cashback that the owner of this referral code will receive.

Cashback in this case means a percentage of the volume of each purchase made using a referral code, which will be sent to the owner of the code as a reward. Rewards come in TON, and each referral code owner can withdraw them to his wallet after the end of sales.

If you want to disable the ability for users who are not on the list to receive referral codes, simply set the value to Deafult Cashback = 0.

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