JVT token is one of the most important parts of the JVault platform. All JVT holders are able to stake it in a special staking pool, which allows not only receiving a standard percentage yield on the position, but also sharing the platform's revenue in tokens placed on JVault. In addition, JVT have replaced TON as the currency for paying fixed fees (all JVT received in this way are automatically burned).

Distribution of $JVT

Private sale

1,000,000 $JVT were allocated for the private round. 430,000 of these were burned while 570,000 were sold.

These tokens started hitting the market 6 months after TGE at 47,500 JVT per month. The tokens will be fully unlocked 18 months after TGE. The price of the private round was 0.026 TON.


500,000 $JVT were allocated to the public round and completely sold out in less than 20 minutes.

The average price was 0.05 TON per token. Were fully unlocked immediately after the TGE.


2,000,000 $JVT will be used for marketing purposes (as rewards for early users of the platform and participants in various promotions and to pay for advertising).

400,000 $JVT have been unlocked on TGE and the remaining 1,600,000 $JVT will be received in equal monthly instalments for 5 years.


2,500,000 $JVT is allocated to provide guaranteed returns in the staking pool.

250,000 tokens have been unlocked on TGE and will be distributed to stakers over two years. Stakeholder yields will be determined by the current number of staked JVT: the fewer there are, the higher the percentage yield for each stakeholder.

Every two years, 250,0000.8n250,000 * 0.8 ^{n}$JVT will be unlocked, where n is the sequential number of unlocking. Thus, the yield on staking will constantly decrease, but the tokens allocated to staking will not run out.


2,000,000 $JVT is allocated for the project team (this includes staff salaries and tokens for project creators).

These tokens will start hitting the market 12 months after TGE at 41,666 JVT per month. Will be fully unlocked after 5 years.


2,000,000 JVT is allocated to maintain liquidity on DEX and, in the future, CEX.

800,000 JVT has been unlocked on the TGE and the remaining 1,200,000 JVT will be received in equal monthly chunks over 5 years.

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