The end of tokensale

After the sales time has come to an end, two possible states of affairs take place:

  1. Soft cap has not been reached

    In this case, the creator of the tokensale using the "Complete tokensale" button (1) can request a refund of tokens allocated for sales and liquidity, and any user who participated in the sale can return the invested TONs by clicking the "Request refund" button (2). The funds will be credited to the user's balance as soon as the transaction is confirmed on the blockchain. It is important to mention that JVault does not refund the placement fee for the sale if it fails.

  2. Soft cap has been reached

    In this case, any user can start the process of completing the sale (to trigger the addition of liquidity on DEX and make the purchased tokens available). To do so, he must click on the "Complete tokensale" button and confirm the transaction. Don't worry, it's free: the blockchain commission is fully compensated by the funds of the sales organiser. Each sale only needs to be completed once, so as soon as one user submits a transaction to complete the sale, the "Complete tokensale" button will disappear for all sale participants, replaced by an interface for branding purchased tokens:

    After the sale is over, each participant can, in accordance with the vesting conditions, collect the purchased tokens using the ‘Claim’ button (2). If the button is inactive, it means that the time to unlock the tokens has not yet come.

Please note that token claim for each Whitelist SBT is done in a separate action, you can select the required SBT from which the purchase was made from the dropdown list (1).

In addition, the claim of referral rewards becomes available:

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