Token locking process

To lock any tokens, go to the JVault Locker page and click the Lock Jettons button

In the opened window, fill in the required information about the lock.

In the screenshot above, the following fields are marked with numbers:

  1. The address of the token contract that will be blocked

  2. Address of the wallet whose owner will be able to collect the tokens after the blocking period is over. The default is the address of your connected wallet

  3. Blocking Purpose. A text field indicating how the blocked tokens will be used in the future. It is optional

  4. Amount of tokens you wish to block

  5. Date and time of the first unlocking of tokens (your local time)

  6. Size of the first token unlock in percentage

  7. Number of vesting cycles, i.e. the number of unlocks excluding the first one

  8. Vesting cycle length (time between unlocks)

In the example, 100 JVT tokens will be blocked for the purpose of "Marketing". There will be 3 unlocks of tokens:

  • 1 January 2025 — 30 JVT

  • 2 March 2025 — 35 JVT

  • 1 May 2025 — 35 JVT

After filling in the required information, click the "Lock" button and confirm the transaction in the wallet. When the transaction is confirmed in the blockchain, you will see a card with your lock:

Later on, you can unlock your tokens by using the "Claim" button.

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