Launching tokensale

Any user can create their own tokensale using the JVault website interface by following the instructions below

1. Go to the page for creating a sale

2. Select the type of sales

There are 2 different types of sales available at the moment. You can familiarise yourself with them in the corresponding section.

3. Fill in the required information

Many input fields have question mark symbols next to them. If you move the cursor over them or click on them, prompts will appear to help you fill in the data.

Example of a completed page:

If any of the fields are filled in incorrectly, an error message will be displayed next to that field:

4. Deploy your tokensale

4.1. Click the ‘Deploy tokensale’ button at the very bottom of the page

4.2. Read on to learn the details of creating a sale

To create a tokensale, you will need to confirm two transactions: the first to pay the fixed part of the commissions and deploy the smart contract of the sale, the second to add tokens to the smart contract of the sale.

Note that you will need to pay two types of commissions, you can read more in this section.

4.3. Send a transaction to deploy a smart contract

Click the "Send Transaction" button, confirm the transaction in your wallet app and wait for the download icon to change to "Success".

If the state of the button does not change to "Success" while you are sure that tokens have been charged from the wallet, please contact the support service, attaching a link to the transaction to your message.

4.4. Send a transaction to add tokens

After successful confirmation of the previous transaction, the button to send the next transaction will become available:

Click on it, confirm the transaction in the wallet app and wait for the transaction to be confirmed in the blockchain. After that, the tokensale creation process will be completed and you will see a message about its successful publication.

Congratulations, you've created your own decentralised tokensale!

If the blockchain and/or indexers are unstable, transactions may take quite a while to be sent, however if your tokensale does not show up on the website within 5 minutes of confirming the transaction on the blockchain, please contact JVault support.

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