What if someone has borrowed the name of a pool with my token?

If you are a token founder but someone has already created a pool with your token name, you are free to DM us. We will be able to rename the ‘fake’ pool.

I created a staking pool with a high commission rate, can I switch to a more favourable plan in the future?

If your staking programme budget has increased and you want to switch to a better plan - fell free to DM us. We will not be able to change the commissions in the existing pool (this would create a security risk), but we can create a new pool with the same name as the old one.

How to get a WL?

To get a WL for your staking pool, fill out this form. The administration will review your application within 3 working days. Your token must be listed on at least one of the leading DEX (Dedust, Ston.fi) and have a clear Utility, and the project must be at least three months old.

Where to find more info?

The whitelist system is currently under development.

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