JVault warranties

The entire staking process is completely secure and decentralised in terms of asset ownership: at all stages of staking, your tokens belong only to you, and no one can use them. The service is based on smart contracts, so even if the site stops working, you will still be able to fully utilise all the staking pools: all you need to do is send certain messages to the blockchain. You can explore the open source code of all smart contracts and learn how they work on the project's GitHub.

However, due to decentralisation, JVault cannot be held responsible for the actions of projects hosted on the platform. JVault does not encourage users to invest in any digital assets, and therefore is not liable for any losses related to changes in token rates. We recommend seeking specialist advice before investing your money in cryptocurrency, as this area involves high risks.

You can read more about the terms of use of the platform here.

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